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Sensory Integration Inventory - Revised
Judith E. Reisman and Bonnie Hanschu

  • for individuals with development disabilities

This preliminary assessment is designed for occupational therapy personnel who serve people with severe and profound mental retardation. It is designed to screen for clients who might benefit from a sensory integration treatment approach.

The Inventory is divided into sections associated with sensory integrative processing: tactile, vestibular, proprioceptive, and general reactions.

The guide gives a rationale for the inclusion of each item in the Inventory as an indicator of sensory integrative dysfunction. It also provides an alternative, sensory explanation for behaviors that are often presumed to be primarily psychosocial in origin. The User's Guide has also been recommended as a learning aid for occupational therapy students because it provides down-to-earth examples that help explain many sensory integration concepts.

Because the SI Inventory was designed to identify sensory behaviors indicative of sensory processing dysfunction, it has also been helpful when used with younger populations.

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